Caring For Families

You’ve got Questions… We’ve Got Answers

Since 1982 we’ve been caring for your neighbors, friends and family.

When you need us, we’ll be there for you too.  That’s a promise.

With over 22 Million hours of quality care  it’s no wonder why Medex is the “First Call” of area hospitals, doctors and nurses.

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We here day or night…

To answer your questions, give advice,

Or just listen.  

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Welcome to Medex Homecare

Caring for a loved one can get Rough.

We’re here to Smooth it out again.



For some people, homecare is just another job.

You won’t find any of those people around here.

For the nurses, home health aides and home health care professionals

who make up team Medex, caring is a lot more than a job…

Caring our calling.  It’s  our defining purpose.  It’s what comes naturally to us.

We love what we do.  So much so, not one of us here could imagine doing anything else.

And it is for that very the reason, we chose to be a part of the Medex team.

It’s been said that you can learn a lot about an organization by knowing the philosophy that drives it.

Over the past 36 years, Medex has earned a reputation for quality.

Our goal as caregivers is a simple one…

No one should ever have to give up their ability to control their own destiny simply because they have fallen ill.

We help those we care for maintain their freedom, independence and personal choice— regardless of their physical limitations or illness.

And, helping those we care for to live life to the fullest on their own terms is what we do best.

Maybe that’s why when we need help caring for our own friends and families, we call Medex, too.

We’ve been waiting 36 years to serve you.

We’re so glad you found us.  




Respite Care


You know you need a caregiver break when…

You argue for 30 minutes to get your loved one to wear matching socks, only to realize you left the house with your own shirt on backwards.

That’s when we come to the rescue… 


Supportive Care


Like a Trusted Friend… There When You Need Us

Imagine a friend who you can trust to check in on mom and dad when you can’t be there. Someone who can prepare a meal, make sure dad is taking his blood pressure medicine, take mom to the doctor and run errands. Now imagine that same friend also knows how to…  


Live-In Care


All Benefits of Assisted Living 

All the Comforts of Home

There are times when more than just a few hours of care are needed.  Sometimes just for a few days…so the family caregiver can get a break, attend a wedding or take a vacation.  Most times Live-In care is the perfect long-term solution for all concerned.  



Got a Question? Call Us Anytime, day or night—there’s always someone here to answer your questions, give advice or just listen. Or if you prefer, use the form below to send us a note.