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Great Caregiver Gift Ideas That Don’t Require Going to the Mall

A Gift Guide for the Angels: Gifts for Caregivers By Beverly Nelson, Caregivers carry a heavy weight on their shoulders: they care for those that need help or cannot care for themselves. They soothe and comfort our loved ones: fathers, mothers, and grandparents. The job however is not easy; it [...]

Disaster Planning Tips for Aging Adults and their Families- What you Absolutely Need To Know

Chances are, your aging parents have probably experienced more than one disaster in their lifetime. This kind of experience can be a real asset during a disaster. Having an actual, real-world frame of reference and life experience and the ability to call upon their prior know-how, wisdom and mental resilience to survive, [...]

Diogenes Syndrome — Elder Hoarding

Diogenes Syndrome AKA: Elder Hoarding By Diane Berardi, Gerontologist Eldercare Expert   There’s something in our human nature that causes us to want to collect things. Some collect autographs, some collect coins, stamps or other memorabilia. Collecting can be fun. But as we grow older, there’s a chance our innocent pastime [...]