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How a Common Over-the-counter Drug Could Put an End to Alzheimer’s Disease


Neuroscientists are suggesting...    if started early enough, a daily regimen of ibuprofen can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. By Diane Berardi Gerontologist and Radio Talk show host of Parents Are Hard To Raise Available on demand on iHeart Radio A Vancouver-based research team led by Canada's most cited neuroscientist, Dr. Patrick McGeer, has [...]

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The “Sweetheart” Scam


The "Sweetheart" Scam Listen to Parents Are Hard To Raise Episode 47 where Nationally Recognized Eldercare Expert Diane Berardi  talks with Personal Security Expert Anthony Colandro about keeping ourselves and our parents safe from the latest scams both online and off.     Essentially the victim meets a scammer on a singles or dating website [...]

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Diogenes Syndrome — Elder Hoarding


Diogenes Syndrome AKA: Elder Hoarding By Diane Berardi, Gerontologist Eldercare Expert   There’s something in our human nature that causes us to want to collect things. Some collect autographs, some collect coins, stamps or other memorabilia. Collecting can be fun. But as we grow older, there’s a chance our innocent pastime can turn into [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to Podcasts


What is a Podcast? Think of a Podcast as radio on demand. A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the Internet, so you can listen anytime you want. Podcasts really aren’t that different than any other kind of radio program. The only difference is that [...]

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Hypothermia and the Elderly


The cold hard facts about hypothermia is that our aging parents face this danger every winter. by Diane Berardi, Gerontologist  Older adults are especially vulnerable to hypothermia because their body's response to cold can be diminished by underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, some medicines including over-the-counter cold remedies, and aging itself. As [...]

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Great Caregiver Gift Ideas That Don’t Require Going to the Mall


A Gift Guide for the Angels: Gifts for Caregivers By Beverly Nelson, Caregivers carry a heavy weight on their shoulders: they care for those that need help or cannot care for themselves. They soothe and comfort our loved ones: fathers, mothers, and grandparents. The job however is not easy; it requires a tremendous [...]

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Flu Epidemic Alert!


Caregiver Alert: Experts say this year’s flu season could be really bad... and that means potentially more elderly deaths from the illness. The flu is spreading unusually fast this year, and could be the worst in recent history. Experts site two reasons for this: First— an accidental mutation in the virus used to [...]

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Driving and the Elderly


Here’s a little fun fact for children of aging parents…   Seniors have the highest crash death rate per mile driven, even though they drive fewer miles than younger people. In almost every industrialized country in the world, people are healthier and living longer than ever before. As a consequence, [...]

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